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Compounds are items that are typically created through a skill called "Compounding" and can be created manually or through the use of a Legendary Weapon. Although many compounds can be made through the use of a Legendary Weapon, all products of the Legendary Weapon will be normal quality despite the input ingredients. (Using any low, mid, or high quality ingredient will result in normal quality products). Some naturally occurring plants share the same use or effect as certain compounds so they can sometimes be used as a substitute and are therefore included here as well.

Nutritional Supplement

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Nutritional Supplement is medicine that relieves fatigue. It is also effective as a method of rapidly recovering from malnourishment. Found in chapter 『Chapter 13』 of the web novel.

Recovery Potion

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Recovery Potion is medicine that treats certain illnesses. It is less effective against more severe diseases. Found in chapter 『Chapter 13』 of the web novel.


Antidote is used to cure poisoning effects and is responsible for unlocking the Anti Poison Shield. Found in chapter 『Chapter 35』 of the web novel.


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Herbicide is typically used to kill weeds, but can kill a large variety of plants and it happens to work pretty well against plant based monsters as well. It is responsible for unlocking the Glyphosate Shield. Found in chapter 『Chapter 35』 of the web novel.

Healing Ointment

Healing Ointment is a topical version of the recovery potion. It is used to treat minor wounds and scratches. It is responsible for unlocking the Medicine Shield. Found in chapter 『Chapter 35』 of the web novel.


Gunpowder is used to create explosions when set ablaze. By collecting it in bags and setting the bags on fire at the appropriate time, it is possible to create makeshift bombs however when Naofumi attempts to use them against an enemy the power of the bombs are degraded. They simply burn the bag to ash due to either his lack of attack stat or the shield's restriction on using weapons besides itself. It is responsible for unlocking the Plant Fire Shield. Found in chapter 『Chapter 35』 of the web novel.

Strong acid

Strong acid is stored in a glass bottle and seems to be a little less acidic than sulfuric acid. It is used during inside the Spirit Tortoise on the Mimic Type Familiars that were imitating the floors and walls blocking further exploration to awaken them. Found in chapter 『Chapter 35』 of the web novel.

Magic Power water

Magic Power water restores magical power when drunk, but the materials are rare and hard to acquire. It is an expensive medical herb. Found in chapter 『Chapter 35』 of the web novel.

Holy Water

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It is mentioned to cure the curse. It is mostly available at the church. The cost ranges from low/poor to good quality and charged a price accordingly 

Soul Healing Medicine

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Soul Healing Medicine restores SP. It also seems to be rare and difficult to prepare. Found in chapter 『Chapter 35』 of the web novel.


Insecticide is made by mixing and dissolving grass that repels insects until it hardens. It is used to kill insects and is also pretty effective against insect based monsters. It is responsible for unlocking the Killer Insect Shield. Found in chapter 『Chapter 35』 of the web novel.

Crackling grass

Crackling grass is some kind flammable grass that can be used as Gunpowder substitute. Found in chapter 『Chapter 35』 of the web novel.

Lukol pill

The Lukol pill is an herbal supplement that aids in the recovery of SP, MP and status magic. During the fight with the Spirit Tortoise Firo received it from the Queen to give to Naofumi to allow him to continue the fight. It can likely be made by compounding. Found in chapter 『Chapter 120』 of the web novel.

Medicine of Miracles

The Medicine of Miracles, also called Yggdrasil, is capable of curing most illnesses and boosting energy. Simplifying the compound, it's sap from a Sacred Tree. The medicine required ointment, magic water, soul healing water and a few others ingredients to be mixed together into a supernatant fluid with the toxic parts being filtered by exquisite distribution. The medicine could only be made once at the time due to the ingredients it costs and the risk of failure. Although the Spirit Tortoise Sacred Tree Shield assists in the creation of the medicine, it is so difficult to make that Naofumi could barely make one, even with the help of his shield. It is first referred to after the Zombie Dragon incident when it was used on the Old Hag that assisted in defending the village from the wave. The first time Naofumi created it he used it on Atlas to cure her hereditary illness. It is an extremely valuable medicine. Found in chapter 『Chapter 158』 of the web novel.