Ruby Bracelet

The Ruby Bracelet was the first accessory Naofumi attempted to make. After mining many ores and minerals he attempted crafting it which turned out surprisingly well. It was a "High Quality" piece so he decided to try and enchant it which also succeeded but not as well as he had hoped. After the enchantment, the bracelet was given「Fire-Resistance +」, but the quality dropped to simply "Good Quality". It was later sold for 80 silver pieces. Found in『Chapter 37』 of the web novel.

Jade Bracelet

The Jade Bracelet is a bracelet made of jade crafted for Raphtalia by Naofumi. It has am enchantment for「Magic Up (Small)」 and will act as a lightning rod for the magic that lowers Magic Defense. Found in『Chapter 51』of the web novel.

Amber Hairpin

The Amber Hairpin is a hairpin made of amber crafted for Filo by Naofumi. He attempted to make it look like a wing to match Filo's demon form. It has enchantment for「Dexterity Up (small)」. Found in『Chapter 51』of the web novel.

Miraca Bracelet

The Miraca Bracelet is "Top Grade" quality bracelet that grants「EXP Bonus (Small)」and is adorned with a pure blood-red gem. It is the highest quality bracelet made with the Miraca ore found on Cal Mira Archipelago and was crafted by someone under the Swindling Merchant(Fraudster?) in order to thank Naofumi for the advice he received. The granted effect came about by chance and won't be found in another accessory. Found in『Chapter 99』of the web novel.

Black Fly Wing Glasses

The Black Fly Wing Glasses are glasses made from the wings of... well I'm not quite sure yet, but I'm just putting this here so I won't forget about them completely. Found in『Chapter 146』of the web novel. --a couple of months later~ they were never mentioned again.

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