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The Iron Meteorite Shield is a shield obtained using the Weapon Copy ability on a normal quality Iron Meteorite Shield. This shield is made of an unusual ore that fell from the sky. It's a display product of Zeltbull. A prototype of the iron meteorite series. It was the best shield in Elhart's shop prior to chapter 114 in the web novel. Using the 「Meteor Shield」 skill a thin wall of light is created. It's a defensive barrier similar to the 「Air Strike Shield」 skill from the Rope Shield but it allows companions to pass through it. Its effective range is 2 meters centering around the user, its SP consumption is around 5% of the max, and has a cool down time of 15 seconds

  4 Defensive Power
Weapon Requirements Equipment bonus True power Special effect
Iron Meteorite Shield Weapon Copy: Iron Meteorite Shield

Quality: Normal

-- unsealed 「Meteor Shield」