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The candidates of the Legendary and Vassal Weapons are Heroes, they have been chosen, in some cases summoned from another world, in order to wield them and protect the world from the Waves of Calamity and the Guardian Beasts. Their main objective is to defeat the enemy of the spirits of the weapons, the one who's pulling the strings behind the fusions of the worlds and giving malice individuals the ability to steal these weapons from the original candidates.

These heroes are given numerous titles, these titles are based on the type of weapon they were chosen by and the world they were either summoned to or originate from. The heroes of the Legendary Weapons are referred to as the legendary Heroes and Holy Heroes due to the numerous religions centering around the Legendary Weapons. The heroes of the Vassal Weapons are referred to as the Vassal Weapon Holders and the Vassal Weapon Heroes, in some cases, they've been given an alternative name, such as one case the Seven Star Heroes.

Additionally, there is one more type of "hero," they are individuals who weren't candidates chosen by the Legendary or Vassal Weapons and forcibly wield them against their will, these "heroes" have not been officially given a name as of yet, so we'll refer to them as "Fake Heroes." They do not have the ability to use the extent of the weapon's power.


Summoning & Selection

See also Legendary Weapons and Vassal Weapons

The Legendary and Vassal Weapons are entities, they are the spirits of the weapons that come from another world prior to being summoned by the locals of the world via summoning rituals. These spirits decide who to wield them, either through forceful summons from another world or selected candidates among the locals or foreigners of the world.

The spirits are not always able to summon their first choice of hero. In fact, only the Shield Spirits is known for always summoning its first choice of hero. The Sword, Bow, and Spear Spirits often can't summon their first choice hero in the first place or their hero dies quickly after summoning. If summoning fails, they have to summon a backup candidate who have serious characteristic problems.

When a candidate passes on, they will no longer have ownership of the weapon under normal circumstances. Legendary Weapons are known to return to their world prior to being summoned in wait to be summoned again with another candidate, while the Vassal Weapons will choose to stay in the world, either roaming the world or staying in a particular location in search for a new candidate.

Abilities & Restrictions

See also Legendary Weapons and Vassal Weapons
Legendary Weapon Explanation OPB.PNG

The Legendary and Vassal Weapons are said to be the most popular weapons in their world. For every kind of creature, plant, and material in the world, there is a new form for the weapon and a small increase of their power. They can, in theory, even copy the power of lesser weapons made in their image: the Legendary Shield, for instance, can copy the Meteor Shield.

However, this vast power can come at a severe disadvantage: It is impossible for a Legendary and Vassal Weapons Heroes to make use of another weapon in combat under normal circumstances. For instance, the Shield Hero cannot pair his Legendary Shield with a mundane sword. The Legendary Weapon also has additional demerit, where they cannot gain experience from defeated monsters with another Legendary Hero in the same vicinity.

Summoned Heroes Traits

The current set of summoned heroes present in the story share a few qualities with each other. The first is being of Japanese descent and the second they were all Otaku in their previous worlds. Additionally, all the summoned heroes are from parallel worlds, however, no evidence shows that heroes can or cannot originate from the same world prior to being summoned.

List of Worlds


Name No. of

Legendary Weapons

No. of

Vassal Weapons

No. of

Worlds Fused

Raphtalia's World 4 8 4
Glass' World 4 8 4
S'yne's World 2 4 4
Leader of Waves World ? ? ?

List of Heroes

Legendary Heroes

Title Weapon Current User Previous Users
Raphtalia's World
Shield Hero Legendary Shield Naofumi Iwatani Mamoru Shirono
Bow Hero Legendary Bow Itsuki Kawasumi ?
Sword Hero Legendary Sword Ren Amaki ?
Spear Hero Legendary Spear Motoyasu Kitamura ?
Glass' World
Hunting Hero Legendary Hunting Tool Kizuna Kazayama ?
Jewel Hero Legendary Jewel ? ?
Blunt Instrument Hero Legendary Blunt Instrument ? ?
Ofuda Hero Legendary Ofuda Shildina ?
S'yne's World
Armor Hero Legendary Armor ? ?
Ring Hero Legendary Ring ? ?
Brush Hero[1] Legendary Brush ? ?

Vassal Weapon Holders

Title Weapon Current User Temporary Users Previous Users
Raphtalia's World
Staff Hero Vassal Staff Aultcray Melromarc XXXII Naofumi Iwatani ?
Gauntlet Hero Vassal Gauntlet Fohl Fayon ? ?
Projectile Hero Vassal Projectile Rishia Ivyred ? ?
Hammer Hero Vassal Hammer ? ? Natalia
Axe Hero Vassal Axe ? ? ?
Claw Hero Vassal Claw ? ? Rhubaldt Warbaldt
Whip Hero Vassal Whip ? ? Holn Anthreya
Vassal Carriage Vassal Carriage Fitoria ? ?
Glass' World
Fan Hero Vassal Fan Glass ? ?
Scythe Hero Vassal Scythe L'Arc Berg Sickle ? ?
Book Hero Vassal Book Ethnobalt ? ?
Katana Hero Vassal Katana Raphtalia ? ?
Boat Hero Vassal Boat ? ? Ethnobalt
Mirror Hero Vassal Mirror Naofumi Iwatani ? ?
Musical Instrument Hero Vassal Musical Instrument Itsuki Kawasumi ? ?
Harpoon Hero Vassal Harpoon Sadeena ? ?
S'yne's World
Sewing Set Hero Vassal Sewing Set S'yne Lokk ? R'yne
Chain Hero
(unconfirmed name)
Vassal Chain S'yne's sister ? ?

Fake Heroes

Title Weapon User
Raphtalia's World
Whip Hero ・Vassal Whip
・Vassal Claw
・Vassal Projectile
・Vassal Axe
・Vassal Hammer
・Vassal Staff
・Vassal Gauntlet
Takt Alsaholn Faubrey
Malty S Melromarc
Axe Hero Vassal Axe Mald
Glass' World
Book Hero Vassal Book Kyo Ethnina
Mirror Hero Vassal Mirror Albert
Musical Instrument Hero Vassal Musical Instrument Hidemasa Miyaji