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Gluttony Series is one of the two sets from the Curse Series claimed by Ren in 『Chapter 198』 of the web novel a short period after losing all of his companions during the assault on the Spirit Turtle. Due to his misconception of the reality he was in, Ren treated everything like it was a game he had played before and carelessly led his companions to slaughter likely thinking they would revive later on. When he finally realizes he is not simply playing a game, he breaks down and tries to cope with what he's done. When Naofumi happens to run into Ren while he has a warrant out for his arrest, Naofumi belittles Ren only making him feel worse. Naofumi Iwatani finds Ren a second time but Witch suddenly takes advantage of Ren's vulnerability and they escape together. The third time Naofumi meets Ren, Ren has become the leader of a group of notorious bandits. Refusing to be apprehended, Ren tries to kill Naofumi Iwatani and company in order to harvest experience from them which forces him to switch to the Greed Series. With the Greed Series failing to be enough, Ren escapes using Portal Sword as a tactical retreat. He attempts his attack again only to face the same result forcing him to once again retreat, however this time Gaelion had prepared a method to disable portal sword putting Ren in a very dire situation. Ren then unveils the Gluttony Series and uses the execution device 「Guillotine」. When the fight ends, it is discovered that the cost of using the Gluttony Series is a curse that makes the user unable to gain any EXP as well as a drop in level when it is used.

Weapon Requirements Equipment bonus True power Special effect
Sword of Gluttony Explosion of emotions equivalent to the destruction of one's heart 「Schtarkfuaafar (シュタルクファアファル)」

「Guillotine」 『c198』