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Glass' World is the tentative name for the world across the dimensional rifts that is currently in process to fuse with Raphtalia's World.


Ancient Past

Glass' world has already survived several strikes of the Waves of Calamity in different ages, being the result of the fusion of four different worlds, in the same way as the world Naofumi was summoned in. Nevertheless, although many facts have been lost along the time, the true nature and effects of the waves are clear for the inhabitants of this world.


This world has many cultural features that are similar to the Pre-War Japan and Modern Age Germany, being on the monetary systems, architecture, clothing, and many other things. The writing looks like ancient Japanese with even some kanji characters mixed in.


Although not religion has been confirmed in this world, it is believed that the Holy Heroes have great importance in the world as they are still summoned to counteract the Waves. However, their faith seems to be lesser than in Raphtalia's world, since many government leaders see the waves as a minor danger and are disposed to kill or imprison the heroes for their own interest.


Drop item replicator

Created by the Jewel People, this machine replicates the Legendary Weapon's ability to collect drops (or special items) from monsters. This machine comes in two parts: the 'computer' and the pendant. The pendant collects the remains of monsters that have been defeated. Once enough remains have been collected, they can be converted at the computer to any of the drops that the monster may have.[1]

Return Transcript Replica

Replicates the Legendary Weapon's ability to teleport using Return Transcript. Return Transcript requires a tool to teleport to the desired location. It is unknown if there are further restrictions on this method of transportation.[2] Trash #2 was also able to duplicate the Legendary Heroes' ability to teleport between dragon hourglasses.[3]

Wave Teleport Crystal

Replicates the Legendary Weapon's ability to teleport the user to the site of a wave. They can be worked into a number of different types of accessories including necklaces. Like most technology, these large crystals were first created by Jewel people.[4]



Jewel People

Jewels are a race of people that only exist in Glass' world. They are born with a gemstone that serves as a magic core that can vary in location. They are skilled with magic, have great dexterity, and have invented numerous useful technologies such as the drop item replicator. They are also known for being sensitive.[5] Also, many of them seem to be able to hear the voices of the gems that use to perform magic and have a fascination with high grade gem craftsman. Notable Jewels include Theresa and Romina.


Spirit People

Spirit People (or Spirits) are a race of semi-transparent people in Glass' world. Spirits are unique in that their life force, magic power, and soul power (if they have a vassal weapon) are combined into a single power called 'energy'. Therefore, if they use magic power, they are also using some of their life force. The higher their energy, the more powerful their magic they can use. Spirits do not have levels like other races, but to them, energy is everything. They also have incredibly high defense compared to other races and use weapons with names like Soul Splitter.

One drawback with Spirit People is that they cannot typically recover energy unless another Spirit gives it to them. However, soul-healing water from Raphtalia's world is able to recover energy which makes it extremely valuable to Spirits.[1] Unlike most beings, Spirits also have the innate ability to see spiritual beings such as souls.[6] One notable spirit is Glass.

Grass People

Grass People

Grass people are similar to the demi-humans of Raphtalia's World. They have long ears, pretty white skin, and blonde hair. To Naofumi, they look like elves.[1]

Beast People

Similar to the Demi humans of Raphtalia's World they are humans with animal features. They seem to be uncommon and are mainly located on the Demon Dragon Continent.


Humans seem to be the most common race within Glass' world since they consist of the largest amount of characters mentioned. Humans seem to have the same characteristics as Raphtalia's world.

Library Rabbits

Similar to filolials of Raphtalia's World, Library Rabbits are the protective race of Glass' World. They primarily live within the Ancient Labyrinth Library and have a leader called the Master Librarian. This leader position was open for many years until Ethnobalt drank the tradition poison which allows him to assume the roll. These monsters also have the ability to transform into a human form.

Magic and Combat Styles

Each world has a slightly different magic system. As such, Glass' world has some unique magic and magic items. These different magic and magic items can be brought over to different worlds.

Jewel Magic

Jewel magic is very similar to Way of the Dragon Vein, except only drawing from gemstone accessories instead of from the environment. A higher quality jewel accessory will lead to a more power and range. At last resort, the gemstones can sacrifice themselves in a powerful explosion but this will ruin the accessory. People who wield Way of the Dragon Vein magic can simulate this magic although this puts strains on the jewel so the power and effects are reduced.[7]

Musical Magic

Music can be used to cast magic without using mana and therefore can be used when traditional magic is unavailable. However, the power of the magic depends on the skill of the user. Both Filo and Itsuki are proficient in this magic.[8]


Ofuda are strips of paper that act as a single-use spell. These are created by advanced magic users and can be used even by people who can't use magic at all. These can have a wide variety of uses from creating a campfire with a fire ofuda to controlling someone with a control ofuda.

Freegem Style

While not a type of magic, the Freegem Style is a combat style which utilizes life force (or chi) similar to Hengen Muso. It is greatly inspired by the Vassal Fan and thus users of this style wield fans in combat. Compared to other forms of combat, this style is fairly balanced in offence and defence and uses many area-of-effect attacks.

Magic Items

Magic Recovery

While people of Raphtalia's World use magic water to restore magic power, people of Glass' world use magic crystals. To heroes of other worlds, these crystals also grant a significant amount of experience points. The amount of experience depended on the size and purity of the crystal.[3]


Healing medicine from Glass' world is used topically. This is different from Raphtalia's world where healing potions are consumed.[2]

World's Protectors

Legendary Heroes

Main article: Legendary Weapons

With most of the Holy Heroes dead, the waves come to Glass' world very frequently leaving the remaining heroes and any willing adventurer to save their world from the waves. Despite most countries not taking the waves seriously, they see them as an opportunity to power-up their armies and thus help out occasionally.

Glass notes that Kizuna is the only remaining holy hero of their world. The other heroes were summoned long ago but were not serious about fighting the waves. They believed, similar to Ren, Itsuki, and Motoyasu at the beginning, that they were in a video game. Glass mentioned that she had only met them once. After Kizuna's return she tried to unite the holy heroes against the waves, but ultimately failed and in the end they were killed by the fake heroes that take control of the vassal weapons. The Legendary Weapons of the killed heroes were then taken by the Third Army. The Legendary Ofuda was eventually liberated and chose Shildina as its new wielder. The Legendary Weapons of Glass' World are the Legendary Hunting Tool, the Legendary Ofuda, the Legendary Jewel, and the Legendary Blunt Instrument.

Vassal Heroes

Main article: Vassal Weapons

Initially in Glass' world, only the Vassal Fan, Vassal Scythe, and Vassal Boat are active to fight the waves while the others were either inactive or involved in petty political squabbles. Due to the increased frequency and intensity of the waves, they were desperate enough to attack other worlds to save their own. However, this has stopped since Kizuna was rescued from the Infinite Labyrinth. The Vassal Katana chose Raphtalia and as a result, is most active in her world. The Vassal Book, Vassal Mirror, Vassal Musical Instrument and Vassal Harpoon were under the control of fake heroes and have since been freed. However, the Vassal Boat was stolen by one of the Vanguards of the Waves. The Vassal Weapons of Glass' World are the: Vassal Fan, Scythe, Boat, Katana, Book, Mirror, Musical Instrument and Harpoon.

Guardian Beasts

The four Protective Beasts of this world are very similar to the Guardian Beasts of Raphtalia's world. Through teamwork, the first three were defeated. The final Protective Beast, the Azure Dragon, has yet to appear and is at an unknown location.[9] The Protective Beasts were: The Black Tortoise, The Vermilion Bird, The White Tiger, and the Azure Dragon.


Sikul (Sickle)

This small country was described as being like Germany in the middle ages with buildings like castles made out of stone. They are friendly to Kizuna the Hunting Hero, Glass and have L'Arc as their reluctant king and representative. Despite L'Arc not wanting to be restricted by authority, his people would rally behind his words. It's the main base for the heroes combating the waves in the world and after the fights against the reincarnators who took control of the Vassal Weapons they became a major figure in the international relationships. Naofumi believes that at the end L'Arc will have to unify the world under the flag of his country. Before the anime translated it as Sikul, the fan-translation was Sickle from the class-up volume.


Capital of Mikakage

Mikakage is the home country to the Vassal Mirror and has been described to be like Edo-period Japan, especially in aesthetics and culture. It is much easier to travel into the country and its capital but very hard to travel outwards.[1] This country had kidnapped Kizuna, the Hunting Hero and imprisoned her in their Infinite Labyrinth. Sometime after her escape, this country was absorbed into Luvar despite being allies.[4]

Raybul (Label)

Label is bordered by the Mikakage and Luvar. They held the Vassal Katana until it selected Raphtalia as its new bearer. This country was taken over by Luvar soon after the Vassal Katana chose Raphtalia. This country is the home of the "genius" Trash II. Before the anime translated the country name as "Raybul", the fan-translation was "Label".


Luvar is the home country to the Vassal Book and is described as a powerful, militaristic country. Between the time Naofumi and his party arrived at Glass' world and when they reunited, this country was able to absorb several surrounding countries including Trash #2's country and Mikakage.[4] They were manipulated by Kyo into fighting for expansion and taking over neighboring countries.

Vassal Music Instrument Country

A nation located near the end of the continent and have the appearance of a nation experimenting an industrial revolution. Their capital is located over and ancient labyrinth city that the nation's adventurers have explored for a long time. They supported Hidemasa after he kidnapped Kizuna, but after the reincarnator's death and the loss of their vassal weapon the nation surrendered to Sikul.

Glass' Country

Glass' country is a Japanese-style nation which reminds Naofumi of something from a Japanese period drama.. The architecture includes large red, red Shinto gates and big wooden buildings which looked like old brothels. The surrounding plants and ores are black and gold was plentiful in the area so many of the structures are black with inlaid gold work. The blue lamps give the town an ominous feel.

One notable landmark within Glass' country is the temple to the Vassal Fan and dojo where Glass' Master teaches the Freegem style.

Vassal Harpoon Country

This country worked as the main base for the fake Harpoon Hero and the reincarnators from other worlds. The nation supported the murder of three of the holy heroes, the stealing of the vassal weapons and the kidnapping of Kizuna in order to achieve world domination, although, unknowingly to them, the objective of the high ranked reincarnators was the destruction of their world and his hero was only a third rate member of the organization.

Demon Dragon Nation

The nation controlled by the Demon Dragon Emperor that encompasses a whole continent. This nation has been governed by the different incarnations of the Dragon Emperor along the ages and their four commanders "The Quartet". In there many races as humans and beast people are governed by the sentient monster loyal to the Demon Dragon and along Kizuna words they lived like slaves. Nevertheless, after Kizuna slayed the Demon Dragon and his empire collapsed, different nations tried to take control of the lands and its people and at the end the citizens supported the monsters loyal to the death emperor and reconstructed the nation. Since the Demon Dragon's revival, the country is slowly being rebuilt.

Its said that it's extremely difficult to enter to the continent without the authorization of the rulers since different kind of traps like mist barriers and poisonous swamps block the entry, all of this created by the Demon Dragon, Also, thanks to the magic of its ruler is impossible to teleport in or out of any place of the continent.

The Demon Dragon continent apparently held the nation of Amachiha which is Glass' World's equivalent of Q'ten Lo. This nation would have held the world's pacifiers which act to stop both renegade Heroes and reincarnated individuals. This nation was destroyed long ago however their bloodline and techniques continued through Glass and the Freegem style.[10] The Demon Dragon used the residue magic to create a magical barrier similar to the one at Q'ten Lo.


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