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"Allow me to introduce myself..... I am Fitoria, the Queen of the Filolials."

—Fitoria, Volume 4, Chapter 3

Fitoria (フィトリア Fitoria?) is the Queen of the Filolials and is the Carriage Hero (?)

She mentioned having survived for many generations. The reason for her longevity was never mentioned.



She has silver hair with thin streaks of light blue, cut in a short bob with three tufts of hair standing up vertically from the crown of her head, like cowlicks. Her eyes are red and her face is small and well-composed. She's dressed in a red and white gothic lolita-style dress and white sock-like silk boots. She's about the same height as Filo.


Fitoria looks like a titanic Filolial (around 100 or 200 times Filo's Filolial size) that befits her status as the Queen of all Filolials. If she so desires, she can choose to take on the appearance of a normal ostrich-like Filolial to disguise herself among her kind. The feathers covering her body are pure white with the exception of the tips of five feather crowns on her head which are yellow and the feathers around her neck which are multiple shades of blue that gradually darken towards her head. She also has one very long feather behind her crown-like feathers that stretches down her back which is mostly white with a dip of blue color at the end.


Fitoria is serious in her work, though she sometimes expresses typical Filolial personality traits such as animal stupidity, forgetfulness, gluttonous behavior, and hatred against dragons. Naofumi sees her as a child who pretends to be an adult. After living for several centuries, she has forgotten many things but is still able to recall important details. She exudes authority and gracefulness around her own kind.

Fitoria cares for the world's fate, but she's mostly indifferent to its inhabitants. While she interacts with the Legendary Heroes, Fitoria avoids interacting with the general populace because the latter has repeatedly disappointed her with their petty squabbles - she is disgusted at how most mortals try to selfishly control others. To protect the world, Fitoria is willing to take extreme measures like killing the uncooperative Legendary Heroes so new ones can be summoned.


Fitoria was raised by a previous Legendary Hero centuries ago. As he died, he requested that Fitoria prevent future heroes from fighting each, and was tasked with killing future generations of Legendary Heroes that failed to cooperate so the next generation of Legendary Heroes could be summoned.

The Hero also emphasized cooperation among all the world's inhabitants (i.e., humans, demi-humans, monsters, etc.) to stop the threats of the waves. But the people have forgotten this cooperation and moved onto their selfish desires. Fitoria mentions that there were many fights between the Heroes in the past. According to her, between her own master's generation to Naofumi's generation, there have been many other summonings as well as much in-fighting amongst those heroes.

Fitoria was tasked with protecting the dwellings of the First Legendary Heroes, which now exist as hidden ruins. Additionally, other inhabited regions fall under her protection. She has survived a countless number of difficult battles, patrolling inhabited regions disguised as a normal Filolial. Having isolated herself from mortals for so long, she had forgotten about their delicious foods, recalling that her own Hero was a skilled cook.[1]


  • Fitoria can read at least one human language, Melromarc.
  • It is speculated that Fitoria's master was a previous Shield Hero.
  • In the past, Fitoria has fought with the griffin king and defeated the dragon king.[2]