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The Filolial Species are monsters raised by monster trainers and heroes. They are giant birds used similarly to horses for transport or pulling carriages.

Filolials have a natural hostility towards Dragons and vice versa.


Filolial (ancient)

The first species of filolials. These particular monsters had the ability to fly and are the ancestors of the sub-species of modern filolials.

Filolial (modern)

The most commonly known and used species of filolials. These particular species come in various colors and breed in various ways for specif purposes.


Flying Filolial

A sub-species of filolial capable of flight. These particular sub-species went extinct due to griffins modified by an unknown human.[1]

Filtelt, Filobred, Fisauzan, and Fidermeo

Barely any information was given regarding these sub-species except they are breed by monster trainers for the purpose of filolial racing.[2]



The first stage of development of the filolial species is incubating the monster egg. These monsters are commonly applied with monster seals.[3]


The second stage of development is the hatching of the monster egg. These particular monsters have already fully developed their first set of feathers before they hatched, they're also known to be feisty eaters.[4] They need to eat warm bean paste.


The third stage of development is the growth of the monster. These particular monsters normally take three months or more to develop into a full-grown filolial.[5] They can eat any food that is given to them.

Filolial Queen

An extra stage of development where filolials under the influence of a legendary weapon or vassal weapon will continue to develop into a rare stage of development called Filolial Queen or Filolial King depending on the gender of the filolial.[6]

Filolial Queen (human form)

The second extra stage of development where queens and kings develop the ability to transform into human variation of themselves resembling young angels. They have developed the ability to speak fluently in human tongue in both forms.[7]

Filolial Queen Candidate

The position where queens or kings inherit the position and title of the next Queen or King of the Filolials.[8]

Queen of the Filolials

The position of a queen or king that has taken on the leader status of a large filolial flock.[9][10]



  • The Author's inspiration for the FIlolial Species were based on Chocobo from the Final Fantasy Series.
  • In the Spin-off Series, there was one rare case where a Filolial Queen's human form resembled a young adult angel.