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I’ll be alright. I have a vassal weapon, don’t I? Let me do this! I’ll do my best!

—Ethnobalt , Volume 9, Chapter 9

Ethnobalt (エスノバルト Esunobaruto?), also known as the Boat Hero (船の勇者 Fune no Yuusha?), is the wielder of the Vassal Boat and one of the vassal weapon wielders of the other world beyond the Wave. Additionally, he is also the leader of a library rabbit tribe.


Because library rabbits are not suited for battle, he has little self-esteem. Nevertheless, he wants to become strong enough to help protect the world. But because he didn't get stronger and had to be protected, he was jealous of the strength of the others. After Naofumi told them about Rishia's stat growth, he began to start training again.


In human form, he looks like a young boy with light hair, bordering on silver. He wears heavy robes and usually holds an ornate staff in his hand. His eyes are sharp and red/black-colored.

In his rabbit form, he looks like a rabbit standing on his hind legs. He is also twice as big as other library rabbits. He uses his royal cloak around his neck and going down his belly, like a necktie.


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Ethnobalt created Chris for Kizuna and Glass. He also fought with Kizuna and the others, but because of the limitations of his race, he didn't grow as much as the others in terms of strength. He tried learning magic spells, but his power didn't grow with his knowledge so he started to think that he was holding them back.

He was first mentioned when Kizuna and Naofumi searched for Raphtalia. Kizuna introduced him as someone, who will be able to help at the search. He also created Raph-chan, who was created using Raphtalia's hair. Together they reunited with Raphtalia and the others and fought against Kyo.


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