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Elena is the former member of Motoyasu's party and also the daughter of the noble of Melromarc.


Elena is strong-minded with a sense of responsibility. Naofumi describes her as Lazy.

She is honest to herself. She doesn't want to fight, and if possible she would like to live luxuriously. The mission of Heroes or the World’s fate doesn't matter to her. If she could she would instantly throw out such a mission. In fact, she would rather not participate in the wave at all. She would rather take it easy in the shadow of someone strong.

She is calculating, but unlike Bitch she doesn't seem to gain pleasure from looking down on others and only seeks her own comfort & benefits.

In her own words, she doesn't dicriminate anyone who is strong and will always associate with them and doesn't stick to side.


Her hair is brown and medium length.


Elena is a magic warrior that uses a sword and seems strong with good reflexes. She can fight up close or far away, but gets distracted while chanting magic so she is a bit lacking when it come to ranged combat.


Her father is a noble who earned his rank by distinguishing himself in the military, and her mother is the daughter of a merchant who made a fortune in business.

Her father was annoying since he is a Hero devotee. Living with her parents was uncomfortable. Her mother does business, and if Women 1 stopped being the companion of a hero, she would probably be married to a noble or knight, and help her mother out in business.

She joined Motoyasu one week after she started adventuring. When she entered the only other man in the party left. After she joined two other men also did. Hence their were 5 women and two men. Ones who joined along the way, and did not fit in were chased out. Afterwards several of the members got replaced repeatedly. Though there hasn't been a new member for a while now.


Elena Haven was first introduced as "Woman 1" during the Party Exchange on Cal Mira Island as a member of Motoyasu's group. She is the one who Raphtalia stabbed when they were fleeing the country with Melty. she is said to have had better coordination with Naofumi than Raphtalia and Firo because she uses Naofumi as a shield allowing him to take all of the heavy blows while she focuses on attacking While Raphtalia and Firo try to handle it by themselves. When Naofumi haggled to buy the accessory for her, she was amazed, but tells Naofumi that he shouldn't haggle when buying a gift for a girl.

Chronology ==

The Rising of the Shield Hero

Devil of Shield Arc

She is the one who Raphtalia stabbed. c68

Cal Mira Island Arc

1st meeting during Hero Exchange. Bitch, and woman 2 leave. Only Woman 1 (Elena) remains so the form a party with Shadow~degojaru and begin level grinding. c85

Woman 1 and Shadow~degojaru make a day of level girding. Midday they stop and eat sandwiches made by Naofumi at which point she mentions that Motoyasu also cooked for them occasionally. c86

Woman one leaves to return to Bitch and Woman 2. c87

Spirit Turtle Arc


Slave Supremacy Arc

She left without looking back, abandoning Bitch and Woman 2. And after getting far away from the Turtle, she hid until the commotion died down. Then she returned to her parent’s home.

Her mother was quite happy that she had survived. She told her that being an adventurer was too dangerous, and that she should take over her father’s company. Her mother decided that she would talk her father into it. That Elena’s safety was their top priority. They used her Father’s connection to prevent her from being turned in to the country and executed. It was negotiated that instead of putting her on trial, they would use her as bait to lure Motoyasu out. c140

Elena assists shield in finding Motoyasu in an attempt to capture him and bring him to the castle for questioning about the release of the Spirit Turtle, but unfortunately he uses a teleportation skill 「Portal Spear」 to warp away. c141

Elena recounts the events that happened when Motoyasu unsealed the Spirit Turtle. She says that after she saw his attacks barely affected it and they were being overtaken by familiars she decided to leave the group. c142

World's End Arc


Towards the Legend Arc


Side Stories

The Christmas of Shield Hero


The Valentine of Shield Hero


The White Day of Shield Hero


The Reset of The Spear Hero Gaiden

Loop 1 to 3 - Tutorial Arc


Loop 4 - Silt Welt Arc


Loop 5 - Melromarc Arc


Loop 6 - Foburei Arc




Elena admitted that she one time wanted to capture Motoyasu's heart however, after the Spirit Turtle incident where her family managed to save her for the destruction that Motoyasu was partly responsible for, Elena became fed up with Motoyasu for his frivolous and reckless behavior.She decides to sell him out to the country to save herself from country's punishment.

Elena suspects Malty's claim of Nafoumi raping her to be a lie, but ignored it.In Cal Mira Island, she was able to get in neutral stance with Nafoumi and warned him not to get familiar with her, in front of her team mate. She showed her true self to Nafoumi. She really co-ordinates well with him in the island, so that she can study his method of getting strong to help Motayasu. She admitted Nafoumi to be strong and also praised his cooking skill. After the spirit turtle incident, they once again had a chat where she explained the incident and her struggle to keep up with her new work, She also genuinely praised Nafoumi for getting this far from the very bottom and wonders if she choose the wrong hero.

Nafoumi saw her betrayal of Motoyasu along with other personality flaws of hers and glad that they never formed a party and kind of see her as a villain, since he hates betrayers but let it slide by. She wanted to do business in Nafoumi's village which he accepts just to increase her work load, but gave her many preferential. By the end of the story it was revealed they had business type of relationship.


Most party members either left or kicked out by Malty


Though Elena doesn't hold any discriminatory views against Demi-humans, she just, get along with the flow to save her stand. After the spirit turtle incident, she explained that the argument with Raphtalia was just an act to get-along with Bitch.

Elena also sympathies Raphtalia, for Naofumi was ignoring her feelings.