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Eclair Seaetto (エクレール=セーアエット Ekurēru Sēatto?) is a Knight of Melromarc and also happens to be the daughter of Seaetto, the Queen's right-hand man and is in charge of the Demi-Human-protected village.


Her appearance is that of a standard female knight from a game with blue eyes and strawberry-blonde hair. She has a face that could rival Raphtalia’s in beauty, but she looks like she would fit the role of a Wicked Queen perfectly somehow.


Eclair is one of the few people in Melromarc who do not discriminate against demi-humans. She would question Naofumi's methods, such as how he extorted from bandits, which became ironic later, as she did the same thing. She is a noble person in belief and a staunch in her ideal belief until it was shaken by these incidents.

Eclair is a muscle brain and tends to spend most of her time training, which has unfortunately made her naive when it comes to governing a village. During the time where she was supposed to rebuild her town following the Spirit Tortoise incident, she spends most of her time training. Furthermore, her plan was basically telling the former residents to rebuild their town. This caused both Naofumi and Melty to point out that Eclair knew nothing about governing.

Eclair also seems to have an innocent side because she still believes in Santa and once waited all night just to meet him.


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Information to be added later on.


  • Peerless Activity: Eclair builds up essence inside during the instant she attacks or avoids. So to speak, it’s similar to handling protection magic. Rishia excels at maintaining that activity for a long time. If Eclair tries to imitate her, she can probably only hold it for a minute.

Hengen Musou Skills

  • Multilayer Crumble Attack: A barrage of many defense penetrating attacks.
  • Heat Haze: Eclair becomes a blur while avoiding.


Eclair is the daughter of the person who used to be the lord of Naofumi’s land. Because she was away at the castle for a long time training to be a knight, she never spent much time there, so her memories of the place were vague. Her father was killed by the Church of the Three Heroes.

She was told that she was not a suitable individual for knighthood. So when the heroes were summoned and she was being treated as a prisoner, in a jail cell at the castle. Eventually, she was proclaimed innocent by the Queen and released. This was around the time the heroes were at Cal Mira Island.

She hunted down the slave-hunters that were involved in the incident that got her arrested and brought them to justice which delayed her from meeting the heroes.


Volume 6

Naofumi requested trainers to help the heroes to improve their skills. She was asked to act as a martial arts instructor for Naofumi's slaves in Rock Valley to prepare for the next wave. She along with other experts helped to improve the skill of Naofumi's party.

Ren looked down on her skill thinking that because he was a hero and a higher level than her she had nothing to teach him and he stated as much in response to his statement and to prove him wrong she challenged him to a duel. during the duel using pure skill, Eclair began to push Ren back which upset him and because of this, he used a skill which was in violation of the rules of the duel. Though he technically beat her, because he broke the rules and by his own admission (after the queen called him out on it) he had lost the fight. Afterward, the three heroes agreed to participate in the training.

The Female Knight participated on the front lines of some of the fights against the Spirit Tortoise. Raphtalia gave the credit of her success to Eclair for training her. Once again she was taken aback by Naofumi's attempt to claim the treasure of the spirit tortoise and assisted in preventing the coalition army from taking the treasure.

Volume 10

After returning from the other world, Naofumi highly criticized Eclair's naivety in rebuilding the territory and took it upon himself to rebuild it. Shortly after his village was attacked by 50 or so slave hunters, Naofumi apprehended all of them and Eclair identified at least a few former soldiers in them. Eclair revealed the truth about their punishment and the pressure in favor of the culprits by the nobles. Eclair was even more shocked by Naofumi's way of handling things of planning to sell all of the slave hunters to Siltvelt and use the money to buy all Raphtalia's villagers. But she remained silent as they might able to escape the grasp of the royal with the help of nobles. This incident also acted as a warning which scared away any other slave hunters that may have wanted to attack the village. Eclair for the first time saw the benefits of Naofumi's realistic approach as opposed to her idealistic one.

Later when Granny was appointed as the Battle Instructor and took some of the residents to the mountains for training, Eclair took a "vacation" to follow her so she could learn the Hengen Musou style under the instructor's tutelage. Impressed by Eclair's enthusiasm to learn, the instructor taught her the sword basics of the style.

Volume 11

She then took on the responsibility of capturing Ren herself by using her Hengen Musou techniques she had recently learned.



The two share a friendly and business-like relationship when facing the Waves and rebuilding Raphtalia's village. She respects Naofumi for his skills and his overall actions as a Hero, especially in comparison with the other three. However, she is shaken by Naofumi's more darker aspect of his personality and has called some of his actions dishonorable. In turn, Naofumi has looked down on Eclaire in her inability to properly lead in the rebuild of Raphtalia's village.

The two originally didn't get along as Ren felt his skills were superior to Eclair. After Ren loses to her when he was under his weapon curse's influence and she lectures him to face the consequences of his actions, the two now established a more friendlier relationship. Eclair now trains Ren in Hengen Musou and proper swordsmanship.


Melty and Eclair seem to have compatible personalities.


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