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Alternative Names

  • 東の村 (Village of East)


East Village is simply a village in the East of Melromarc. The actual name is not specified, but it is a fairly important location. East Village is the location of the plague cause by Ren as well as the Granny's hometown. This was the region were Wyndia was raised by Gaerion. The mountain residing nearby is the location where Gaerion (Zombie Dragon) is slayed as well as where Kogaelion flees to after consuming a portion of Gaelion's core. After hearing Wyndia side of the story, Naofumi felt that they deserved the punishment, but didn't show it to the villagers.

Town scape

Therewas a building which stood apart from rest, behind which lied a cemetery with fresh grave.There is mountain in the nearby region where a dragon lived.


Nothing much is known about their activity, but they were seems to be much well off. Later, it was revealed that they took all of the treasures from the Galeion cave and sold the eeggs & demi-human child to get this wealth.


Wave Monsters


  • This village is the victim of the game knowledge of Ren who killed the dragon for no apparent recent.
  • In manga, everyone realised that the holysaint of bird God was Naofumi. But that is not to be the case in the Light Novel, Nafoumi do suspect they know who he was.
  • This is the village where Naofumia and his comrades meet Melty under the alis of Mel.
  • This is the first village in which a group of pacifist knights joined hands with Naofumi to fend off the waves.
  • This is the village which became the victim of another wave with Glass