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Dragons usually create and mark their territory around mountain recesses. They can easily screw up the ecosystem, but they pretty much keep to their territory. Dragons are a type of beings whose ecological environment is shrouded in mystery. The cores found in other dragons are highly desired. Dragons are a race that loves treasure so they have a habit of collecting valuables. They have a long-standing dispute with Philorials which are the only creatures capable of withstanding a Dragon's lust. They often have turf wars. Dead pure bread dragons are capable of passing on a part of their consciousness through their core. This makes them immortal beings to an extent.

First, they were the only pure-bred existence on earth, everything else originated from a hybrid or cross-breed.


Dragon body fluids are high class medicinal ingredients. Their saliva and breath might make for good materials.


High level dragons, once they go into heat, lose all self-control. When they lose their self-control, they will try to violate monsters of different species. That's why in the land that dragons live, many dragon-like monsters come into being. The biggest problem is the purebred dragons that make absolutely no distinction between mates, and will even violate human women. Of course, Dragons don't go need to be in heat in order to find the desire to continue to exist. The sexual appetite of a growing dragon is not something to be trifled with.


The Dragon Emperor is more of a label that pure-bred dragons used for themselves. Since they were able to breed with any living thing, the number of subspecies they created was immense, but when they were being perused to extinction, they sought a to survive by combining their cores into one being, the Dragon Emperor. After the fight with Fitoria the core of the Dragon Emperor scattered into shards and their/his consciousness was distributed to the cores of the dragon subspecies. Gaelion's body (the one that turned into the Zombie Dragon) was a subspecies that happened to have enough Dragon Emperor fragments recognize himself as a portion of the Dragon Emperor and Kogaelion's consciousness is slowly merging with the Dragon Emperor.

Flying Dragons are a subspecies of dragons that have been mixed with another monster capable of flight. Training a flying dragon is difficult so people who accomplish it are called Dragon Knights. When riding a Flying Dragon there is a danger of falling off and the dragons themselves are not particularly strong so they lack actual combat ability. Though they have carnivorous tendencies, they are omnivores.


The Tyrera is a rare monster that looks like a giant lizard. They don't fly but make for good vehicles. They can be purchased in Faubley, Shildfrieden and Silt Welt although Its natural habitat is limited. Found in 『Chapter 166』 of the web novel.

Wyr are a subspecies of dragons that are known to have exceptionally high loyalty.