The Dagger of Mob Mentality first appeared in chapter 231 of the web novel and is described to glow with a strange light. It was in Welst's possession until it was confiscated by Naofumi. It was discovered to have the ability to brainwash those it pierces into having the same opinion as the owner after Ren copied it using the weapon copy system. More essentially, the dagger makes one's mind a single part of a whole and prevents an individual from making decisions on their own. It is later discovered to be a replica-like weapon based on Itsuki's Legendary Bow and is considered by the Holy Weapons to be a curse series weapon.

Version Requirements Equipment bonus
Dagger of Mob Mentality 『c234』 Weapon Copy Dagger of Mob Mentality

「Release by Brainwashing」

「Mutual Understanding」