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Curse Series

At the point when a blast of feelings equal to the obliteration of one's heart is conjured, a power coming from the Curse Series is obtained. The Curse Series is in actuality founded on the seven dangerous sins: Gluttony, Lust, Greed, Wrath, Sloth, Envy, and Pride. There is likewise a realized eighth shield dependent on the majority of the New Seven Fatal Sins without a moment's delay. After utilizing these weapons degenerate the core of their clients, for instance at whatever point Naofumi utilized the Wrath Shield right off the bat after he was overwhelmed by unadulterated disdain and scarcely ready to monitor it, in the interim Ren was totally overpowered by the Avarice and Voracity Swords to the point of ambiguously rampaging at anybody in locate with the last mentioned. On the off chance that the revile arrangement is overwhelmed by the client, the Blessed Series is unlocked.

Known Users

  • Naofumi Iwatani has unlocked the Wrath Series because of the barbarous treatment he encountered right off the bat in the arrangement because of the activities of Aultcray and Malty and arose it first when he was vanquished by Motoyasu in a duel due to Malty meddling and confronted the danger of losing Raphtalia, his solitary staying enthusiastic help. While Naofumi has demonstrated expanding levels of command over his outrage and this Revile Arrangement due to Raphtalia, Filo, and Gaelion, it makes him experience overpowering degrees of outrage and contempt coordinated at his foes, which in his perspective includes the whole world. The just realized downsides are that all of his details are cut by 30% with the exception of resistance in the wake of utilizing the Curse Series arm Blutopfer and since said assault depletes its client's very own blood to assault, he could pass on from it, and about did the first run through. The symptom for this shield has all the earmarks of being the client loses the capacity to adore. This is strengthened when he loses his memory and the shield loses its capacity. For a concise minute, he starts playing with the ladies around him before recovering his shield's capacity and recollections. Afterward, he procured the New Seven Deadly Sins Series, which enabled him to change his subordinates and slaves boundlessly more so than previously, transforming the Bio Plant into a mansion, gifting the Filolial with the capacity to fly, making a whole species called the Raphs by cloning Raphtalia, etc., at the expense of having positively no cautious intensity of his own to discuss. This shield likewise transformed him into an egotist out to assume control over the world, however, he stayed a humane man to his subordinates and did nothing hurtful to them in spite of turning into a worn-out case of a supervillain, and he turned out to be totally fixated on Raphtalia for sure. At last, after the loss of Atla in the Houou Campaign, Naofumi defeated his fierceness and opened the Blessed Series' Shield of Compassion.
  • Ren Amaki unlocks the Greed Series and Gluttony Series in the wake of being deceived by Malty and having the majority of his gear and effects taken, just as being looked with the passing of his companions, which he will not accept was his deficiency and accuses it only for their weakness. Using the Greed Series makes him more violent and increasingly risky, assaulting others to take their hardware, yet utilizing the Gluttony series makes him murderous and makes him have a go at murdering others to gain EXP and develop all the more dominant. Utilizing these swords everything except transformed him into a raving mess, he has since turned into an unmistakably progressively smooth individual in the wake of being discharged from them. The downsides to these swords are that he can't gather EXP nor would he be able to hold anything worth cash in the wake of utilizing the Curse Series arms Guillotine and Schtarkfuaafar. Afterward, when Atla kicked the bucket during the Houou Campaign, he opened the Sword of Outrage, a Wrath Series weapon simply like Naofumi's Shield of Fierceness, however, he never utilized it in light of the fact that Naofumi opened the Shield of Empathy and continued to tranquility and overwhelmingly lead their side to destroy Houou before he got the opportunity.
  • Motoyasu Kitamura has unlocked the Lust Series and Envy Series after the majority of his colleagues, all ladies, sold out him, and Filo solaces him, turning all his desire towards her. While he doesn't generally have any issues in the wake of utilizing them, likely on the grounds that he has never utilized their definitive strategies as Ren, Itsuki, and Naofumi have, he considers ladies to be pigs, literally, and can't comprehend their words which is almost certain the explanation he unlocked the arrangement as opposed to an aftereffect of it. His desire is gone for Filo, which is observable in any event, when not utilizing this curse, while his jealousy is gone for Naofumi for being near her.
  • Itsuki Kawasumi unlocks the Pride Series after his bow is altered by Mald, Malty, and their progressive group. This arrangement gives him the capacity to indoctrinate others into agreeing with him and makes him become considerably more self-absorbed and self-important than he already was previously. This is seemingly the most perilous instance of a Curse Series leaving control as his capacity enabled full-scale defiance to happen because of the abuse of those around him. The result of utilizing this arrangement is that he ends up passionless and loses his feeling of both pride and equity and unequivocally agrees to any request he is given after he utilizes a huge number of Curse Series arms.
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