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Castle Town is the capital city of Melromarc.


Volume 1

This is the place where Heroes were summoned and given aid mostly with the exception for the Shield Hero.

Being the heart of the nation which hates Demi-humans, there is comparatively less or no Demi-humans present. Even if they are present, they are nothing but slaves.

Almost all of the residence of the Castle town were scorning at Naofumi at the beginning but later it got lessened. This is mostly due to Raphtalia's influence, who by this time grown up to be a beautiful girl. Most of the residents were charmed by her good looks. After the first wave, some faction was supportive of Naofumi, for their relatives in Riyute Village were rescued by him.

Volume 3

Naofumi returned to the capital town to buy some holy water but was chased by some unknown soldiers. Soon he was attacked by Motoyasu. he demanded the release of Filo and attacked him in the open street disregarding the fact of innocent passerby and shop keeper may get injured. Naofumi defended and asked Motoyasu to mind his surroundings which he turned a deaf ear. Many side shops, walls were destroyed by his action. Though the public protested their voices were crushed under the authority of Malty. A Soldier tried to stop the duel but was shot down by Myne. The soldier disregarded her authority and raised arms in favor of the shield hero.

Just then Melty arrived and used her authority to stop the duel. Unable to get through Motoyasu, Melty asked Filo to take care of him. This made Filo transform revealing herself to be Naofumi's Filolial and she sends Motoyasu flying by kicking him in his crotch. The entire town erupted in cheers for Filo's victory.

This indicated the shift of support from Spear Hero to Shield Hero by the commoners of the Castle Town.

Volume 10

After defeating Kyo, Naofumi and his party returned to Melromarc from Kizuna's world. He was given the warmest welcome by the people. This indicates that the population of Melromarc have reevaluated their opinion of the Shield Hero


Being the capital of the country, it has the castle of Melromarc's royal family. It has a number of residents and shops of various sizes and of various businesses. The capital is surrounded by a leveling ground and river which is filled with monsters and fishes.


Most of the Castle Town economy is of merchants and shops. Some of the known shops are Medicinal Shop Owner, Magic Shop Owner, Erhard Weapon Shop, Inn, Bar, Restaurant, Tailor Shop, Slave Trader, etc.




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