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The Cal Mira Archipelago, also known as Cal Mira Island, is famous as a holiday resort. The archipelago is ruled by Count Habenburg. And is a chain of islands that activates a large release of demon every 10 years. There is also a phenomenon where experience earned in that area greatly increases for that time.

Alternative Names

  • カルミラ島 (Karumira Island)
  • カルミラ諸島とい (Karumira Islands Toi)
  • Cal Mira Archipelago


Since ancient times, the four holy heroes have trained on Cal Mira Archipelago. The pioneers who developed this island, Pengy, Bunny, Squirely, and Doggy were befriended by the heroes and gave them names similar to the animals in their world. When pioneering was completed, they left to look for new land. Afterward, they were never seen again.


During the latest activation period, the latest batch of heroes, Naofumi Iwatani, Motoyasu Kitamura, Ren Amaki, and Itsuki Kawasumi and their parties were sponsored by Melromarc to come to the island and grind for levels. After a few days on the island, Naofumi's party discovered an underwater temple with a Red Hourglass of the Dragon’s Era inside counting down to a wave in less than two days.

While Naofumi was sent to make a party from Melromarc's army the other three heroes were assigned to recruit as many Adventurers from around Cal Mira as possible. When the wave did come an Inter-Dimensional Whale was dumped into the waters forcing a fight with the Heroes, though the fight against the Wave turns into a battle between heroes, which ended in a draw when the timer for the wave ran out.



Cal Mira has a once in a decade activation period that causes an experience bonus to occur, roughly twice the normal value. Monsters who go about the normal routine of killing other monsters and maturing as they level up have their life cycle become shorter and more intense and breeds at an accelerated rate resulting in an explosion of the monster population, people can easily reach level eighty just by grinding on the islands, but after that, the efficiency drops dramatically. Adventurers, governments and other interested parties take advantage of this period to increase their levels.

Hot Springs

Cal Mira Island is also a great location for hot springs. Moreover, the hot springs have a healing effect on powerful curses superior to high grade healing holy water.


The islands of Cal Mira are volcanic though normally dormant, rather than the rough sea voyage from Melromarc, the waves near the archipelago are calm, and you can even walk across the islands during low-tide.

Each of the islands of the Cal Mira Archipelago have their own demon ecosystem built around the Karma Series of monsters.


Cal Mira's economy is predominantly built around it's once in a decade activation event, hoards of people wishing to increase their levels visit the island every decade, but they bring with them hoards of blacksmiths, armorers, accessory merchants, alchemists and anyone else who believes they can make a profit off of the influx of adventurers.

Aside from that though Cal Mira is a popular tourist destination and resort town, it's hot springs can reliably cure any curse with repeat visits, and there are several monuments left behind by past Heroes for future generations.


Wave Monsters



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