• Toji-san

    April Wiki Feedback

    May 9, 2019 by Toji-san

    Happy New month guys! As I said last year when it's middle of every month, there will be a poll so that users will participate in the wiki.

    • All Anime Images in the Character Galleries will no longer have a description underneath them
    • Don't create Web Novel pages if you're not planning on moving and sorting all of the Web Novel information from the Main Page to the Web Novel Page yourself (Note: I can't stress enough how many people have already done this and it has been an inconvenience when we clean up the pages)
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  • SithDan96

    If any of you check out the World Map Section on the Wiki and see it could any of you that can read Japanese please translate the map to English? I Think People on Wiki would be glad to know where the country's Like Kingdom of Melromarc, Shieldfreeden, Siltvelt among others locations on the map in their native Language.

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  • Toji-san

    March Wiki Feedback

    April 9, 2019 by Toji-san

    Happy New month guys! As I said last year when it's middle of every month, there will be a poll so that users will participate in the wiki.

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  • SithDan96

    Hello there My fellow Anime fans and nerds of The rising of the Shield Hero and other Anime TV shows.

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  • Blazu


    April 5, 2019 by Blazu

    Hey everyone, it's about time we have an update on the current situation of the wiki. Also to thank you guys for your hard work on the weekly episode summaries and other edits on the pages, you guys are doing great! 

    Now onto with the announcement and reminders. This post will contain information about which source material and terminology we're using, a reminder of how images work and finally future changes to the wiki. 

    The 5 main sources of the Shield Hero Series

    • Anime pages - Anime information only 
    • Manga pages - Manga information only 
    • Light Novel pages - Light Novel Information only 
    • Web Novel pages - Web Novel Information/Spin-off Web Novel information only 
    • Spin-Off page - Spin-off Light Novel/ Spin-off Manga Information only 

    Simple enough? I'm s…

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  • DarknessLord32

    first blog

    March 26, 2019 by DarknessLord32

    new member here hello everyone.

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  • Toji-san

    Wiki Feedback

    March 8, 2019 by Toji-san

    Happy New month guys! As I said in my last blog when it's middle of every month (though it is not technically the middle), there will be a poll so that users will participate in the wiki. If you have any suggestion let's hear it in the comments section, we had two new content mods: UnderCoverSpy Senpai and Usagi. Thank you guys for responding to the blog, our editors have increased significantly.

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  • Toji-san


    February 14, 2019 by Toji-san

    This wiki is need of urgent cleanup cause it is in a mess and the views of the wiki keeps rising, we have at least 600k+ readers per week. The wiki does not have a lot of users, due to the fact that without an account you could pretty much anything.

    • There is going to be a poll every month to receive feedback or message any of the admins on Discord.
    • You have to create an account in order to edit, we need more active editors
    • A lot of spam pages are or going to be deleted, a lot of images will be deleted or renamed as per the new image policy.
    • All articles for characters that have appeared in the anime must have Naofumi Iwatani's format, for those that not appeared we use S'yne Lokk's format.
    • Every character or episode page must have as the last …

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  • PkMnTrainerMatan

    New template!

    February 1, 2019 by PkMnTrainerMatan

    Hello Shield Hero fans,

    I hope that you are doing well today. I recently introduced a new template called "Nihongo" to this wiki. 

    I politely ask that whenever a new page is created, the tempate should be added in order to properly romanize the name of the character or location. I have already started with many of the major characters and locations, so please lend me a hand so we can organize this wiki further



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  • Toji-san

    New Changes

    January 19, 2019 by Toji-san

    Hello, it's me. I'm the new admin that started this January and have made some major changes, let me start by saying this going to be a great year for the wiki and the franchise, we get at least not less than 60k+ readers per day.  Also if you are wondering why my edits have been flooding the wiki activity is because I use mass edit tools and don't have a bot, Gomen nasai. We are really popular and we have a lot of active users mostly people that comment. For those who ran away from the wiki and are coming back after the school terms:

    1. We have four admins (1 bureaucrats and 3 admins).
    2. We have a new wallpaper.
    3. We have added required (or overly required) CSS and JS.
    4. The main page has been update.

    • There are rules that have been added to the wiki, you c…

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