• Toji-san

    New Changes

    January 19, 2019 by Toji-san

    Hello, it's me. I'm the new admin that started this January and have made some major changes, let me start by saying this going to be a great year for the wiki and the franchise, we get at least not less than 60k+ readers per day.  Also if you are wondering why my edits have been flooding the wiki activity is because I use mass edit tools and don't have a bot, Gomen nasai. We are really popular and we have a lot of active users mostly people that comment. For those who ran away from the wiki and are coming back after the school terms:

    1. We have four admins (1 bureaucrats and 3 admins).
    2. We have a new wallpaper.
    3. We have added required (or overly required) CSS and JS.
    4. The main page has been update.

    • There are rules that have been added to the wiki, you c…

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