Bio Plant

Bio Plant is the general name for all common plants, but it is also a boss level monster that looks like a gigantic tree from a distance but up close it is revealed to be a giant vine-like creature. It was originally a sealed "Miracle Seed" brought back by the Hero of the Spear to provide relief for a famine stricken village, but since it had the ability to mutate it did so creating a monster. It is able to create two familiars, the Plantriwe and the Mandoragora, that act like extensions of itself. In the center of the trunk like structure are huge eyes which will simply regenerate if they are destroyed using a physical attack. It is destroyed by scattering herbicide on all of its roots. When it is defeated it and it's familiars wither and die. In its place a shiny seed called a Bio Plant Seed is dropped which is able to be modified greatly by Iwatani Naofumi|Naofumi. The modified versions of the Bio Plant loose the ability to create familiars and are used to prevent famine in multiple places including Rock Valley. Found in chapter 『Chapter 39』 of the web novel.

Sub-species of Bio Plant (Results of Genetic Modification)


Offspring of the original Bio Plant in its demonic form. It is a humanoid creature created by vines that attacks by releasing poisonous pollen from a big flower on the top of its head. Herbicide is able to cause them to wither. Found in chapter『Chapter 39』of the web novel.


An immobile fortress type offspring of the original Bio Plant that weakens its prey by spraying acid through its vines and drags the weakened prey inside. Herbicide is able to cause them to wither. Found in chapter『Chapter 39』of the web novel.

Bio Plant (Modified)

This is the first (series of) modification attempt by Naofumi on the original Bio Plant where he lowers the plant's intelligence to 1 in order to prevent it from gaining sentience and producing demon offspring. It is primarily used to quickly create a large quantity of tomato like fruits during times of famine or war. It has currently become the delicacy of at least once town. It is said this was perhaps what the original creator of the Bio Plant had intended. Herbicide is able to cause them to wither. Found in chapter『Chapter 40』of the web novel.

Camping Plant

First joint Bio Plant modification project between Naofumi and Alchemist Ratotil Anthreya. It was created in 2 days. After sentience was restored back to the Bio Plant, it was assigned a slave crest and programmed to take the layout of a house. Flowers bloom to provide roofing and it can be programmed for different housing layouts. The flowers can absorb sunlight to provide magical light at night. It is currently the temporary housing of the slaves, though Kiel has declared one of the Camping Plants as her permanent residence. The prototype Camping Plant was carnivorous and ate Firo and Wyndia as they ran inside it. Currently, the Camping Plant is being distributed throughout Melromarc to serve as temporary residence relief to assist in rebuilding after the Justice Zombies incident. Herbicide is able to cause them to wither. Found in chapter『Chapter 151』of the web novel.

Bread-producing Plant

First genetic project by Naofumi when under the effects of the new Seven Curse Series. It was created on whim when Firo and slaves voiced complaints of hunger to Naofumi. Instead of producing its typical tomato fruits, this particular plant producing bread fruit instead. While not as flavorful as Naofumi's cooking, it is said to be delicious. Found in chapter『Chapter 278』of the web novel.

Castle Plant

This is the 2ndgenetic modification project of Naofumi while under the effects of the new Seven Sins Curse Series. It is unknown if this is actually a singular plant or a combination of modified Bio Plants working together with Rato's original laboratory Bio Plant, but the Castle Plant is large, skull shaped modified Camping Plant that is able to fly, emit smokescreens to provide cover, extend vines to grab hold of allies for retrieval purposes, cast simply magic jamming spells, extend a ladder for easy entry, and switch back to its original Laboratory mode by extending its roots deep underground to anchor itself. When fully powered, it is capable of detecting the locations of all life forms in the world and allow Naofumi to identify and locate his individual slaves. Found in chapter『Chapter 279』of the web novel. 

Crepe Tree

There are flower-like things which were round dough pieces blooming, with fruit wrapped in their center, and they changed shape as they ripened. The nectar-filled depressions, where bugs gather, are in various parts of the tree. Inside the depressions are carnivorous plants and inside, the bugs are being converted into nourishment to ripen the fruit.