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Beloukas (ベローカス Berōkasu?), usually referred to as The Slave Trader (奴隷商 Doreishō?), is a merchant who assists Naofumi Iwatani by selling him many slaves. He also conducts slave and monster seal rituals.


Beloukas is a short, creepy-looking little man who wears a traditional circus ringmaster's tuxedo (given that his slave tent has a circus-like motif), glasses with a small chain attached, white alchemist gloves, long top hat, and a red bow tie with a small diamond brooch in its center. He has a small, old-fashioned handlebar mustache and wears a somewhat sinister, omnipresent grin on his face.


At all times, Beloukas conducts himself with nothing less than the utmost courtesy with his clients. He speaks politely, offers them an honest assessment of his products, and any 'merchandise' they may wish to sell him, and charges them reasonable prices. However, he is not above occasionally trying to persuade Naofumi into acquiring other monsters and services for his personal profit. He would likely be considered one of the best people Naofumi has met in the New World, were it not for the fact of his shady slave-trading business.


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  • As Naofumi himself references upon meeting him in the Web Novel, Beloukas closely resembles the Millennium Earl from D.Gray-Man.
  • Beloukas was contacted by one of the Queen's Shadows to sell a slave to Naofumi (without specifying which one, though) to a reasonable price without arousing Naofumi's suspicion.


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