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This page is based on the Light Novel (not the Web Novel)
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Beloukas (ベルーカス Berūkasu?), usually referred to as The Slave Trader (奴隷商 Doreishō?) is a merchant who assists Naofumi Iwatani by selling him many slaves. He also conducts slave and monster seal rituals.


At all times, Beloukas conducts himself with nothing less than the utmost courtesy with his clients. He speaks politely, offers them a honest assessment of his products, and any 'merchandise' they may wish to sell him, and charges reasonable prices. Were it not for the fact that he deals in the slave trade he'd likely be considered one of the better people Naofumi has met in the New World.


Beloukas is a short, creepy looking little man who wears a suit, glasses and a top hat and wears a somewhat sinister omnipresent grin on his face.


  • Merchant: Beloukas has consistently shown his chops as a business man since the Day Naofumi met him, based on his interactions with his uncle in Zeltoble Slave trading seems to a family business.
  • Slave Seal: Beloukas has consistently shown the ability to engrave the slave seal on any would be merchandise to drop into his lap and can even make use of a high grade slave seal that can bring low even a Dragon or a royal Filolial.


Beloukas was born into a massive family of slave traders. He was originally contacted by Mirelia Q Melromarc with the goal of making certain that Naofumi Iwatani had a slave for his party. Intrigued with the idea of having a legendary Hero as a client and wishing to earn the favor of the leader of one of the nations he conducts his business in he immediately set out for Melromarc to fulfill the queen's request.

Volume 1

Just as Naofumi finishes dealing with a group of thugs who meant to rip him off he is approached by Beloukas who proposes a method of forcibly making others part of his party and magically guaranteeing their undying loyalty: Slavery. Bought by the Trader's words and logic Naofumi is led back to his place of business as Beloukas explains he originally planned to enslave Naofumi, but after meeting him he's decided that he'd rather have him as a client.

After initially showing Naofumi a high level Beastman Slave he instead takes him to see his three cheapest Slaves, and Naofumi seems to settle for the worst of the lot a sickly Tanuki girl named Raphtalia. Beloukas sold Raphtalia's slave rights to Naofumi for thirty one silvers before the Hero was on his way off.

Volume 2

Naofumi returns to the Slave Trader's tent with a now freed Raphtalia in tow explaining that Raphtalia forcibly had her slave crest removed and now they need a new one. Surprised to see how much Raphtalia had changed as soon as the ritual was complete the Trader attempted to buy her back for 20 gold, 35 when he learned that she was still a virgin.

Dismissing Beloukas's offer Naofumi's attention instead went to a nearby Monster Egg Raffle, apparently the trader's day business. On a whim Naofumi bought one Egg from the raffle for a hundred silvers. A few days later Naofumi came back with the newly hatched monster, a Filolial named Filo, demanding to know why she had a stopped listening to Naofumi.

Beloukas theorized that Filo was a Filolial Queen and immediately offered to buy her back for a absurd amount, when Naofumi refused, for now, he then explained that he would need a high grade monster seal to make the bird listen to him again.



  • Naofumi: They have a more business like relation and was thrilled to work with Naofumi. He was willing to aid Naofumi for his own reasons. Upon Naofumi’s request, he searches for and collects slaves who were former villagers of Raphtalia’s village. He admires Naofumi's business mind
  • Motoyasu



  • Raphtalia: Despite being a slave trader, he feels pity for her condition, For whatever reason he made sure that Naofumi choose her as his slave. Even he himself didn't expect Raphtalia to be most valuable.
  • Filo: He sold Filo in egg from a lottery system to Naofumi and once again surprised at the result.


  • As Naofumi himself references upon meeting him in the WN, the Slave Trader very closely resembles the Millenium Earl from D.Gray Man.