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Trash (クズ Kuzu?), previously known as Aultcray Melromarc XXXII (オルトクレイ=メルロマルク32世 Orutokurei Meruromaruku Sanjyu Ni Sei?) is the former King of Melromarc and the current Staff Hero.


Aultcray is a confident, older-looking man with white hair and a beard. To Naofumi, he looked regal but condescending. As the king, he wore royal attire which includes a purple robe with white fur on the edges and a crown with violet jewels adorned on it.

After being stripped of his royal position and support, Trash was reduced to wearing just underpants and a cloak. There was some kind of spark missing from behind his eyes as he seemed to have lost his own volition at times.

Finally, after being revived by Naofumi, Trash regained his composure as he became the Wisest King of the West. However, unlike when he first met Naofumi, he was much more humble.


Aultcray formerly lived up to his name as the wise king of Melromarc. Despite being a Staff Hero, he was known for his formidable intelligence. He was respected by his allies and his enemies alike. By all accounts, he was extremely active and heroic in his earlier days, earning a grand reputation among the kingdoms of the world. All this indicates that, for all his hatred and recklessness, he was at one point a cunning and intelligent person with a hero's renown.

The queen stated that his wisdom earned him great respect and that even now if he was sent to the border, it would cause turmoil among the enemy just by seeing him. Even the slave trader claims that the nation Melromarc might have been nothing in the name or in standing among the nations if it wasn't for Aultcray. Many citizens and nobles still have faith in him.

Though he was from Faubrey, a country with no discrimination against any races, he hated demi-humans for killing his parents and has a specific kind of hate for the White Tiger (Hakuko) race. This hatred caused him to rush to Melromarc, where he could be as openly hostile to them as possible and aid the kingdom in its war against Siltvelt, the demi-human country. He hates the Shield Hero because he fought a war with Siltvelt, a country that worships him. Because of such, he unjustly villainizes Naofumi, simply because he bares the role, unwillingly; and helps Malty with her lies, even "confiscating" his Earth clothes despite the fact they are Naofumi's property.

However, the current generation and the heroes doubt others claim of him. Rishia believes her parent's view of Aultcray, but wonders if his current behavior is a political act. Even his own second daughter is disgusted with him fawning over her sister and doubts her mother's stories of him. When Aultcray was revealed to be the renowned Staff hero, Nafoumi burst out laughing hysterically and praised their sense of humor. Nafoumi went as far to ask the queen, whether the real staff hero had died and Trash was a decoy placed in his shoes for obvious political reasons, much to her sadness.

In the time of the Spirit Tortoise rampage, he refused to fight which caused a ruckus. This made Naofumi discard any of his past deeds and felt they were probably exaggerations of actual events. Naofumi believes that Trash (Aultcray) might have been a military strategist who was only good at aggravating things (similar to Motoyasu Kitamura), but the queen claims he is much wiser than that. Mirellia also claims that despite his treatment of Naofumi, he used to aid anyone, no matter how much hatred he bears towards them if it brings him some benefit or debt owed to him.

The queen who has seen him most of her life feels disgusted with how far he is sunk from being remarkable to a complete idiot. The queen also points his idiocy might be due to a decade of peace and also because of his spoiling of his first daughter, Malty.

He is a doting parent and a loving husband. But failed to be a king which is contrary to his wife. In course of time, his vassal weapon refused to heed to his call and ceases to appear in-front of him. It was only after his reawakening, his vassal weapon obey to his deeds.

Besides the fact that he is the Staff Hero, he described as a genius tactician who being feared by other countries in the past. He could plan all of the war tactics just by collecting a little information in a short time. Even during the time of peace, he retained his militaristic sense. When playing Chess with his wife, he would yawn in the victory while his wife, who is also a shrewd tactician, would be left baffled. He would only hold back and let his older daughter, Malty win.

After regaining his lost wisdom, he acted more majestically. Everyone was able to see the change in his aura and the way he presented himself. Some even doubted, if it really was him Everyone who were close to his age were relieved and assured of their success against the crisis, as they were able to feel the return of the wise king he once was.


Aultcray Melromarc was born with the name Lüge Lansarz Faubrey and was the thirtieth legitimate heir to the throne of Faubrey. His family are the descendants of an ancient Spear Hero and were the leaders of the most powerful nation at the time. However, an incident came that made him relinquish that privilege. That incident involved the killing of his parents and many others close to him by the Hakuko .

Luckily, Lüge and his blind younger sister, Lucia were not there at the time, but the country of Faubrey did nothing in retaliation against Siltvelt for political reasons. Because of that, Lüge began to despise both Faubrey and Siltvelt. He along with his sister moved to Melromarc, which discriminated against Demi-Humans, and changed his last name.

Aultcray hid the fact that he was of Royal Blood, and rushed onto the frontlines of the wars Melromarc waged. He kept an impressive track record both as soldier and Officer of Melromarc military. Along the way, the previous Staff Hero fought to the death with Aultcray for the right to wield it, and he began to spread his name as a Hero. At that time, due to his resourcefulness and strength, he won the heart of Mirellia Q Melromarc.

But, while Aultcray ventured off, he had left behind his sightless sister. Soon, he received word that she had disappeared with nothing left behind but a pool of blood, and was informed that a Hakuko had killed her. Aultcray's desire for revenge strengthened. This has culminated in making him a man who deeply hates demi-humans and, by association, the Shield Hero whom they worship. After many years of war, he challenged and killed the Hakuko supreme of Siltvelt, Tai Ran Ga Feon.

Later, he married into the royal family of Melromarc and had his name changed to the choice of his wife Mirellia. Roughly twenty-some years ago, when Siltvelt plotted for global domination, it was Lüge that faced them head-on, saving Melromarc and other countries as well. Thanks to him many countries exist peacefully. Rishia's family and other nobles still firmly believe that Melromarc would remain peaceful and secure as long as Aultcray was there. After he and Mirellia had their first daughter, Malty, he spoiled her rotten and both became incredibly callous. Malty owes much of her arrogant and cruel tendencies to her father because she did whatever she wanted with no consequences and punished those she victimized if they took any form of action about it. Seeing this, his wife took their second daughter under her wing to prevent this same kind of failed upbringing. This peaceful time finally clouded his way of seeing things and was easily manipulated.

His vassal weapon, Staff also suddenly disappeared for unknown reasons and refused to aid his call, much to his dismay. But the Staff didn't choose any-other wielder and the equipment for tracing all holy weapons in Faubrey, showed it to be still active with him as a wielder much to his confusion. His wife, Mirellia comes to the conclusion that his weapons is disappointed in his current state, but didn't lose hope on him yet.