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Albert (アルバート Arubāto?) was the previous Hero chosen by the Vassal Mirror from Glass' World.


Albert is described as a handsome man with black hair and eyes.


He had a bad relation with Glass and her company.


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Volume 8

He's first mentioned as the Vassal Hero of the country that prisoned Kizuna. When Naofumi's group was trying to make them way out of his country, the female hero spoke about him as a possible enemy.

Volume 9

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Like many other heroes, he too had a loyal harem. After he was taken captive and killed by Kyo, their lovers were fooled by the Book Hero who promised to release his already dead friend if they worked for him.

Legendary Heroes & Vassal Heroes

As a hero convinced and backed up by a country that doesn't believe in the menace of the Waves, he wasn´t interested in work together with Kizuna, L'Arc, Glass, or other heroes who weren't allied to his country. When Kizuna and Naofumi were trying to escape from his nation, the hunter hero stated that it was probable that Albert would attack them if the group meet him.

Although their countries were in amicable terms, Kyo leads his nation to take over Albert's sponsor country and killed him shortly afterwards.


  • Given his appearance, Naofumi thought he was a summoned Hero from another world.


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