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A Royal Summons (王道的召喚 Ōdō-teki Shōkan?) is the first chapter of The Rising of the Shield Hero manga adaptation.


The first chapter of the Manga for The Rising of The Shield Hero covers Naofumi and the other heroes summon to another world as well as, the introduction of the King of Melromarc, and the Shield Hero’s first day on his adventure in an unknown world.


Naofumi Iwatani while browsing through his local library for light novels is hit by a book named "The Records of The Four Holy Weapons" and upon further inspection of the book it explains the state of the world and how the Heroes of the Sword, Spear, Bow, and Shield are summoned to the world during a crisis. Once finished, he encounters a blank page that causes him to feel faint before he wakes up in an unknown room with three other people all wielding weapons that were described in the book, Naofumi holding the shield.

An unnamed summoner then explains to Naofumi and the other three that they have been summoned to fight a calamity known as the Waves that summon monsters to the country as the nation could barely fend off the First Wave. Once the summoner finishes explaining, King Aultcray Melromarc XXXII introduces himself and demands to know the name of the other three summoned with Naofumi.

The three then introduce themselves as Ren Amaki, Itsuki Kawasumi, and Motoyasu Kitamura as the Sword Hero, the Bow Hero, and the Spear Hero respectively. Sensing a discomforting feeling from the others in the room, Naofumi rushes to introduce himself. The King, moving along the discussion then has the heroes look at their status information, revealing that the world that Naofumi and the other heroes are in is much like games that they play in their own respective worlds.

Naofumi sensing that he was being left out of the loop again, questions what he is supposed to do with the shield as he is unable to attack to which Motoyatu explains that he has high defense, but is quickly outclassed by other classes due to the abysmal attack power that the shield offers. Soon after this explanation, the door to the audience chamber opens as the king explains that the people coming through are people that are there to help the heroes and that they have already selected their desired hero, but no one chose to be with Naofumi.

With that information and his lack of companions, Naofumi despairs as he is left without any means to fight until a girl from Motoyatsu’s group named Myne chose to leave him and partner with Naofumi claiming that it would be too pitiful if he was left on his own. Together, they then set off from the castle with extra money provided by the king in order to hire more adventurers to work with and end up at a weapon shop that is run by Erhard the blacksmith.

Naofumi attempts to wield a sword, but when doing so, the shield rejects it with the reason that he is unable to equip weapons with the intent to attack that are not based on the shield he is equipping. Disheartened, Naofumi leaves the weapon shop after purchasing equipment for Myne as Earhart had provided Naofumi with additional gear and clothes for free.

Outside of the castle town though, Naofumi and Myne are fighting Balloons which are monsters that are commonly found outside the town and are somewhat aggressive, but due to their low level, they are seen more as a nuisance than as a threat as their bites hurt most people while Naofumi had several biting him trying to cause him damage unsuccessfully. Naofumi then wonders how his attack rating is as he chooses to fight the last balloon on his own without the assistance of Myne, but in doing so he spends until sunset fighting the monster.

After the battle between Naofumi and the Ballon, Naofumi, and Myne head to an inn/bar to settle for the night and plan their next course of action over food and drinks though Naofumi refused to drink. Naofumi then confesses his poor confidence in being able to do much without Myne’s assistance whole heatedly and expresses his desire to continue moving forward as it is at the best rate he can before heading to bed.






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